Navigating Emergence

As technology permeates almost every aspect of our lives, it creates networked and complex challenges but also trans-disciplinary opportunities.

Enough reasons for Filip to keep a generalist & humane perspective. As a designer, lecturing on media and experimental design at LUCA School of Arts, he enrolled in an MBA to explore all the fascinating that can emerge in between design, networked technology and economic models in flux.


Internet of Everything

As we move beyond an Internet of Information to an Internet of Things (including the organic & wet) and Value, we witness at the dawn of an Internet of Emotions ... the emergence of an Internet of Everything.

Open Value Models

Talking open R&D, open manufacturing, Blockchain enabled opportunities, decentralisation (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, Holacracy, …), ... and what people stuck in old models could learn from this.

Design, Strategic & Systemic Thinking

Wondering what different methods such as design thinking, cybernetic and conditional design, systems thinking, ... can contribute to strategic alignment, governance and trans-disciplinary development.

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Common Ground at the EU for the Blockchain

On March the 2nd a blockchain regulation debate was organised by Marietje Schaake, member of the EU Parliament. In order to shift away from a purely tech-focused discussion some comparison was made with the ledger in accounting history. A more interesting, or at least a very interesting complimentary comparison would be the commons. Hence this article that I have written for Backfeed Magazine: Searching for Common Ground – Regulating The Blockchain

In order to fully credit the right people for my ideas, I had a lot of inspiration after listening to prof.dr. Luc Vanliedekerke at the Commons-debate at Campus Gelbergen


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