navigating emergence

Driven by a sincere love for mankind, an interest in man's struggle with his relationship to the Other and his environment at large and a fascination for borderspaces {Border + space - Noun • (matrixial theory) A space between conceptual borders such as culturally-imposed binaries • Coined by Bracha L. Ettinger} such as those between simplicity and complexity, the leader and the follower, the arts and sciences, nature and culture, the personal and the collective, thinking and doing, I attempt to bridge world views and fascilitate co-emergence of the siloed towards new poiesis.

The consequential and perpetual tinkering {To tinker - Verb • Attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way} has unfolded through the design and development of interactive applications and artefacts, sound art installations, workshops for strategy development, ...

Currently I am working on this website by navigating its own emergence through a designerly dialogue with mySelf. In other words: to be continued.




The Rape of Proserpina - Based on a picture of the original Bernini sculpture - 2016
Saint X with Chirst Child - Naturally faded sculpture - height: 2.5cm - inherited in 2003