sailing in | out
of the woods

This website is an exploration of the online potential of the borderspace concept {Border + space - Noun • (matrixial theory) A space between conceptual borders such as culturally-imposed binaries • Coined by Bracha L. Ettinger}.

Please be aware of the fact that it is not my desire to create a frictionless user experience but rather a perpetual (co-)poiesis { (co-) + poiesis - Noun • An act or process of (joint) creation • Co-poiesis is coined by Bracha L. Ettinger and linked to the concept of auto-poiesis coined by Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela through her matrixial theory.}.

It is a personal compassionate resistance against stasis and a warm encouragement to thrive in a liquid society, somewhere between simplicty and complexity.