Wundekammer 1.0 |

To be revealed: April 30 2017

The idea of a wunderkammer is to collect and present objects for the enjoyment and sharing of knowledge and wonder. The first, temporary, digital cabinet of curiosities that is being worked on for this website, and to be revealed on April 30th, will expose a personal view on a microcosm of artefacts dedicated to the concept: In-Be-Tween.

Being in-between evokes terms related to time such as transformation and the now, but also to space, such as border, boundary or membrane. Through as well as beyond these dimensions the subject touches the deeply humane, our identity, our being.

There is no desire to attain complete, (ir)rational understanding or definition. It will be, however an earnest attempt, a mixed media essay with respect to the word's etymoligical roots in the Old French verb essayer. Its sole, real purpose being nothing more or less than to inspire reflective imagination.